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A white male drinks cum from the balls of a Black Man so he can feel alive. A white male drinks cum from the balls of a Black Man so he can drain the power to fuck a female, and take it inside so his member will come to rise in a full salute which will make his female feel sexy.
It takes this act of submission and pure devotion for many white males to achieve an erection, its a centuries old method perfected in northern Europe among the royal families whose navigators reached the shores of Africa. Some in Iberia found the merchants from Africa who traded across their shores were of special flavor and had a distinct ability to breed well after the white male had ingested a load from such a Man. The white male offered their women to use as vessels for harvesting the seed drained from the balls of Black Men. The white females became entranced with the mystical Black Men whose Dicks were snake like in their evil intentions yet so lovingly powerful the white females soon feel prey to her Black, and very predatory, lover. Soon, the white males began harvesting their own seed by dressing like their wives and daughters, meeting Black Men who had been drinking heavily in dark alleys before sunrise so their genders would not be known, and bribing them with commercial promises to travels not of their land nor coin. Before the middle ages, white males and females competed to drain the balls of Black Men who carry the best and most flavorful seed the world has ever known.
During the Crusades many a knight would fill his belly with the sperm of captured warriors who spoke in different languages and prayed to a religion those from northern Europe could not understand. The never ending flow of the seed drained from the balls of Black Men proved to be a perfect fountain for feasting and the knights drank heavily of the seed. Their ladies in waiting back home in the cold regions of the northern European land of wanton sin wore chastity belts meant to keep other males out, but while they waited they turned nuns into sluts. Tongues lashed out at each female and all knew the best way to squirt onto a girl’s face, one held down by other girls as they feasted in pussy orgies from country to country and they knew the came harder than any knight could have made them feel. While the knights in the southern lands were perfecting cock-sucking, their females up north were howling pussy juices being spewed and drenching a new form of passion. When the knights returned, their members were fully risen but it did not last long as the effect of the seed drained from the balls of Black Men did its job, but when the white male seed took over it failed again.
Over time, Europeans would venture to lands south of their continent and find reason to be inside with the Black Men who rules with power, and controlled with lust. Some would take their females abroad, but once there the females never wanted to return for they had found the Garden of Eden and all its hardest perfection. Colonialism corrupted the nation, but the white administrators soon found the harvest ripe, and the taste once again, sweet to the tongue. On their knees, begging others to feed them, they developed an obsession with the seed which they drained from the balls of Black Men who knew after the white male fed the white female bitch would be in heat. The white female took the powerful strokes and learned new and different languages and spoke the religion and sinned like never before. They became glowing bodies which floated in the sunrise, and melted in the sunset. They became free.
Last night when your male fucked you like an animal it was because he could still taste My seed in his cock-sucking mouth. I fed the bitch an hour before he came home. I made him take the photos of your eggs spread wide open and the ones of you sucking his tiny member. I told him to pound you like I would and make you feel alive because without My seed he is a failure and he knows it, and he likes it. While you were lingering in bed glowing after you were finally made to cum, your male was online, writing Me a detailed report about how it went from the moment he kissed you with My cum still in his mouth until the moment you took his second load inside your scorching hot cunt and made him tap out. The little bitch told Me about the bra you wore and how your nipples pushed the cups out after he kissed you too.
Between you and I though, and I’ll never tell him, you asked Me to feed the bitch so he would get hard.



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Anonymous asked:

You are a lovely feminized ladyboy. When did you know you were gay, femme, sissy and how long have you been dressing as a beautiful feminine lady?

Since I can remember

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